Who says bookworms can’t be fashionable?

I know a lot of my blog followers and friends love reading books so I drafted this post with them in mind. Like you guys, I have a passion for reading which overshadows almost everything else. May it be studying, working, exercising, or blogging, reading will always come first. Since I was a young, reading has been my perfect hobby – a productive pursuit that I never fail to enjoy.

When I was in kindergarten, I used to stay in a corner of the classroom or playground reading children books while kids my age play tag or something. After a few of years, I would prefer reading my textbooks than watching TV. Then when I grew up more, I think I have mentioned this before, but one can make me wait inside a coffee shop for hours and I won’t mind as long as I have a book with me. So it isn’t surprising that other people found me weird and kids my age called me nerdy geek. I wasn’t insulted. To be honest, I didn’t give a fig of what they say.

But whenever I tried to get of those magical worlds inside the books, I realized that people built a stereotype for people who love reading books – those who prefer a company of printed words than other humans. We are called bookworms, and along with that title is the image of what a bookworm usually looks like.


Dear bookworm friends, do you also look like this?

I admit that I started wearing glasses since I was in sophomore year in high school. I know I didn’t look less nerdy by sporting that, and my Victorian-inspired clothing did not help either. But hey, who says bookworms can’t be fashionable, too?

I found this website which offers good quality wholesale clothing in affordable price. It also ships worldwide and I think the freight fee to my country is cheaper than other sites. Take a look at some photos I collected which I think are suitable for my bookworm friends.

For male bookworms

For male bookworms

How about these trendy polo shirts?

dark blue men shirt

dark blue metal button

And for women…

For female bookworms

For female bookworms

What to wear when you want to run to your nearest book shop and try to quench your thirst for books? You’ll want to wear something comfortable.

black rabbit

purple butterfly

summer blouse

These women’s hoodies are perfect for those laid-back days when you want to read outside your house or in the park.

 cotton hoodie

grey hoodie

How about these women’s jackets and blazers? Excellent for those chilly days when you want to go out and warm yourself in a cozy tea shop while leafing through your newest copy.

 double breasted lapel wool

khaki batwing

But what will you wear during book club meetings? Here are also some examples. Tip: You can try looking for clothes inspired by your favorite novel characters.

pink chiffon dress

black hollow lapel

dark blue lotus leaf

Now, that wasn’t so hard, was it? Even though it seems that bookworms do not have a normal life out of the literature world (but is still often the case), we can still dress up and look presentable. What better fashion inspiration can one have than those fictional characters’ anyway?

And oh, before I forget. There’s an ongoing giveaway in my site and two international lucky winners will get a $30 coupon or free clothes each! How’s that for awesome? Bookworms, it’s time for an additional item in your wardrobe!

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27 thoughts on “Who says bookworms can’t be fashionable?

    1. Me, too! Do you do online shopping in US? As you well know, the service is not yet good here in Pinas, so I am still looking for shops which deliver in excellent quality.

      Join my current giveaway if you love new dresses, too!

  1. LOL, I’m more of a T-shirt and jeans gal. I’ve been called nerdy because I love to read, love history, watch black and white films, ect. I’ve given up fighting the label and now embrace it. Nerds are cool

    1. There’s nothing wrong being a bookworm. I love reading and history, too. I even go as far as to discuss politics though I’m afraid I don’t fancy watching black and white films. Nerds are cool, but we don’t have to be stuck in the title they have given us.

  2. Those are really cute dresses!

    Really, I wish glasses weren’t so expensive, so I could have more pairs to switch out. I’ve worn glasses since the third grade, and though I tried contacts for awhile, I found I really prefer glasses (contacts really irritate my eyes) and now I just think I look strange when I’m not wearing them.

    1. Thanks. You can try clicking some links in the post so you could browse over the online clothing shop.

      Anyway, I wish that, too. I only have a single pair of specs, and I want to be trendy and have it in different colors. I haven’t tried wearing contacts and I’m afraid to do so!

  3. I love this, the amount of research you put in to try and make us all look cool is great. I am intrigued about the idea of dressing up as your fave character of the moment, I would be a butler, which is handy for passing you books and making you cups of tea, o exulted empress!

  4. I loved this post, Nica. Even since my eighth grade I had started sporting nerd glasses!. Now though I use contact lenses. Man, those clothes for women are amazing ♡. WANT IT!

  5. You are so right sometimes people tend to stereotype and we readers/bookworms are often put into a nerdy category. I know I do not look like a nerd although I maybe blind to my own nerdy qualities lol. Loved your post:)

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