Who wants more Yakult?

Yesterday, I was eating brunch with my colleagues Ete (Esther) and Mayor (he’s not a public official) in the company’s cafeteria when Mayor surprised us with his experiment.

Do you want to drink more Yakult?” Mayor asked with the confidence of a magician in his show.

Of course,” Ete and I chorused.

Then what you need are only two things: Yakult and Smart C+ Lemon,” he replied.


Yakult is a popular Japanese probiotic drink made by fermented skimmed milk with live Lactobacillus Shirota strain. Benefits of Yakult consumption like maintenance of gut flora, modulation of the immune system, regulation of bowel habits and constipation, and finally effects on some gastrointestinal infections are proven by various scientific studies.  Aside from these advantages, the taste of this milk-like drink is so unique that a lot of people from Japan, Taiwan, mainland China, Singapore, Hong kong, Philippines, South Korea, Australia, Europe, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Americas, Mexico, and Thailand want to drink this almost every day.

smart c

Smart C+ Lemon, on one hand, is one of the flavors of Smart C+ drink. Smart C+ is a Philippine ready-to-drink healthy product which has the highest content of Vitamin C in the market. It comes in three flavors: Lemon Squeeze, Orange Crush, and Pomelo Grapefruit.

Mayor’s selling point is that the mixture will have the same Yakult taste and this got our attention. Ete and I were curious. Smart C+ and Yakult? Really?

Mayor bought a 500 mL of Smart C+ and 2 bottles of 80 mL Yakult. He mixed the combined 160 mL of Yakult to half a liter of the lemon juice. Ete and I were like holding our breath when Mayor was performing his magician’s trick. Soon, it was finished. And like any cooking show, it must end with a taste test. Ete went first. Her face transformed from doubt to surprised to amazed.  She then exclaimed, “It is Yakult!”

I didn’t need any invitation after that. I tried the mixture myself. The verdict? It tastes exactly like Yakult!

We were like kids who found a chest full of gold. We animatedly talk throughout brunch while sipping our Yakult.

We do not know the reason behind the result of the experiment though I suggested that perhaps the sour element of Yakult complemented the vitamin C taste of Smart C+. Well, that’s just my hunch.

How about you guys? Do you drink Yakult? Do you like it? Don’t you get frustrated by its small packaging? Have you also tried mixing it with another drink?

57 thoughts on “Who wants more Yakult?

  1. I simply HATE the taste of Yakult. Just the slightest sniff makes me want to heave. It is banished from our house – whatever the good effects might be. Isn’t it interesting how everyone is different.

  2. I have never tried Yakult though it’s famous in India. To say the truth, i have only seen in TV ads performed by a famous Bollywood actress. I should try it one day!

      1. It’s not that I am reluctant to giving it a try!. It’s not available here in UAE plus in India, though I see the ads, I live in a village where this product is not seen at the local supermarkets… But if I ever see it, I will definitely get it 🙂

          1. Hehe, I really wanna visit Philippines… Maybe Boracay… then I will stop by your place, get some Yakult and then we can go on a shopping spree together…. what fun that would be!.. Then we can go have coffee together… It’s OK, you can order tea 🙂

            1. Boracay! I think it can be a romantic honeymoon part two with your husband, Naz! 🙂 I will be glad to wait after you’re trip to Bora. Then we’ll meet in Manila and go shopping. You know me too well. I so love my tea.

    1. True. I remember when I was younger that Yakult is one of those things I look forward to every day. Mom did not want me to drink more than a bottle in a day, so I have to follow her. Until now, we still drink Yakult and we have 2-3 packs in fridge always.

      1. I enjoyed it a lot. We had some at a karaoke place. I don’t know the exact ratios and everything, but the recipes I’ve seen were all along the lines of 1 part yakult or other yogurt drink, 1 part lemon-lime drink, 1 part soju. I, uh, can’t read hangul at all, so I have no idea what you’re asking me about taste, but to me, it didn’t taste that much different from just straight up yogurt drink.

        1. Oh. I honestly don’t drink and when I tried to have a sip of soju, I felt like collapsing. Seriously. I then improved and had managed to finish a shot glass full of it and was seriously dizzy after.

          How about the effect? Is it good?

          Sorry about that. I was asking about Makkeoli, Korean rice wine. It smells like strong alcohol, but it looks white just like rice water.

          1. I’m like, 190 pounds of Irish, Polish, and others. I few shots doesn’t make me feel anything. Um, it got a few of the girls pretty drunk quickly, though. One of my friends is apparently a bit violent, though. She kept playfully smacking people…

            1. Wow. With the globalized world, I think it is hard to find someone who is a real pureblood of something. Whoa, you got a nice friend there. I haven’t been drunk and I’m afraid what I’ll do if ever I am in that kind of situation. Who knows? I might kill people haha

  3. This sushi place I go to here in Houston used to have it but I think people would stick a bunch in their pockets before leaving so they stopped. I thought it was pretty good and the small size didn’t bother me. PToo bad my dad came back from Pinas yesterday. I would’ve asked him to bring me back some Smart C+

    1. Expensive? Really? It is actually cheap here! One bottle costs like 25 cents only. Hmm. I am curious as to how the adverts look like in your country.

      When I get rich, I’ll invite all of you who commented here for a Yakult party hahahahha

      1. The ads involve lots of people sipping from tiny bottles trying tp make them look like there is a huge amount in them and that there day is so much more fun and joyous for drinking it. I am amazed that people fall for it.

        I have my passport ready and waiting…

        1. That’s what the ad is for. Before there wasny any ad about the product. Yakult vendors walk around the village selling the milk in each house. That’s how it became popular here.

          Same here. I’m itching to go somewhere and use my passport. Haha!

  4. My brother loves this stuff. He used to down 3 or 4 bottles of it at a buffet that served them. I don’t remember if I ever tried it…for some reason I seem to remember it tasting like Fruit Loops cereal, haha.

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