30-Blogging Challenge: Day 29 (Hopes, dreams, and plans you have for the next 365 days)

Today, it’s 53 days before Christmas. Add another week, and it would be the start of another year. Indeed, time move so swiftly. Roughly 60 days and we would bid goodbye to 2012. So fast. And today’s topic made me think of advance New Year’s resolution though unlike those things being written and promised, I hope my answers would be met and done.

Since I am limited to 365 days only, I’ll mention those that are attainable within a year. And behold, my dear readers, my hopes, dreams, and plans for a year:

To read more. It isn’t surprising that this would be the top of my list. Like breathing, it is essential for my existence. Few minutes before I started writing this post, I just finished a novel by Julia Quinn, making me one point nearer to my goal to Goodreads Reading Challenge. For the next year, I am planning to double the number of books I must read.

To have a better job. My current one is pretty good, but perhaps it will soon be needed for me to venture out and try a different one. As my first, I felt lucky to land on this particular job though I don’t want to get stuck here. Perhaps in the near future I must search for greener pastures…

To speak in different tongues. In my About Me page, I have already, though unintentionally, prided in languages that I can speak and understand. But they aren’t enough. First, I want to hone my language skills up to the point that I would sound like a native when speaking them. Second, I want to add more to my list. I am thinking of learning either French or Spanish soon, but polishing my Mandarin would definitely prove to be such a Herculean task I’m afraid I won’t learn much of other European languages.

To travel more. I like going out especially with my friends, but for the next 365 days I want to explore more places in the country. For Filipinos, and those familiar to our country’s geography, we are an archipelagic state with 7, 107 islands, not counting those in low tides. How great it would be to hop from island to island and enjoy varied cultures from different regions of the Philippines? Hmm, and I guess it wouldn’t hurt if I’ll try to have an Asian tour, too?

To continue this blog. It’s official. I am blogging for almost half a decade now. For some, it sounds like normal, but it is such a feat for me. I am known to my friends to have a short attention span to some things, and not being a natural writer myself, I find it a challenge to remain active in the blogosphere. Sure, I won’t be short of random and silly thoughts to write, but I am not confident that these could be read-worthy. Until now, I can’t fathom how I get visitors, commenters, and even followers, but I am eternally grateful that they exist. Because of them, I am more encouraged to write more.

I don’t want to make this list long as I believe having too many things to do would make the mind stressed to achieve all of them. However, I think adding one more to those five above wouldn’t hurt, even though this sixth one might prove to be the hardest to achieve.

To find a new boyfriend. It’s been almost a year since I broke up with my ex. I think it’s high time that I find someone new, right? Hehe.

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