30-day Blogging Challenge: Day 22 (A website)

Early this year, I signed up for free registration at this awesome (no exaggeration!) website. I often see this site popping up in my Google searches, but didn’t think much of joining. Then my colleague asked me one day if I have an account there and I answered negative. Nada. Zilch.

“What’s with it anyway?” I talked to myself again. Yeah, I do that more often now. I satisfied my curiosity by giving in to it: I registered. And my world never became the same again.

I created an account at Goodreads (www.goodreads.com) and what a wonderful decision that was. For some of few who do not know Goodreads, it is basically a reading site where users can create an account and improve their reading life. Millions of books, both international and local, can be found there. One can key in the title of the book and then he can update it to three statuses: read, currently reading, want to read. And it keeps track on your number of books. Say you have marked 53 books as read then it will show that you have read that number of novels. Same goes to currently reading and want to read.

All those books that you have marked from those three status choices will be included in your account. From there, you may rate it from one to five stars and can even write a review about it. Not only that. If you feel a certain book needs to be read by your friends, you can recommend it to them and link to their accounts.

But there’s more awesome feature. You may join a virtual book club! You may choose from your desired genre, favorite author, or a popular book groups. Most of them are very active and both the moderators and the team members will really welcome you warmly. I cannot generalize, but this was what I have experienced in my chosen groups.

Speaking of groups, I have joined one based on a trilogy that I have read this year. I know many of you have different views about this series, but I liked the way the story went anyway. The characters may appear very flawed, but more humanly, and the grammar and way of writing may not be as good as literary writers, but I liked the plot. End of argument.

Moving forward, I have joined The Fifty Shades of Grey support group and one of the mods, Bobbie, was very generous to provide all the new members free three bookmarks! At first, I did not entertain her question about my mailing address. You see, I live somewhere in the Pacific and know that most promos or samples like those were only for mainland US. But aha! It was open worldwide. A week or two (I didn’t really keep track) after I gave her my home address, I received these bookmarks:


Lovely? Yeah! And I paid nothing for it. Where did I get it from? A book club member I just met virtually in Goodreads. Perhaps there are more groups like that in the site and maybe they offer more freebies, I do not know. So why don’t you try to sign up and discover a more fun and interactive way of reading? And for those who were already a member, please add me as a friend!

8 thoughts on “30-day Blogging Challenge: Day 22 (A website)

  1. Alright… I give in as well. I’ve been meaning to sign up for it because “everybody” is there, and talks about it, but it got continually lost on my to-do list. And because I had no idea what the hype was about I didn’t try too hard to recover it from the bottom of the list. But from what you say it sounds really interesting and I trust your judgment, so I’ll go and sign up. 🙂

      1. I signed up last night and damn! You should have warned me that it’s addictive! I w”oke up” two hours after signing up with red, hurting eyes from staring at the screen and just rating books. And this morning I’m at it again.
        I’d love to add you! How do I find you?

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