30-day Blogging Challenge: Day 28 (A scar you have and its story)

I know I am far from beautiful and my face, if not ordinary, is below average. People always notice my too big eyes enhanced with dark circles which are getting darker everyday. I look like panda. Not only that, I have too much moles in my face. Two prominent ones are under my right eye. And the left? Right above the eyebrow lays a scar.

Yes, right above the left eyebrow, not forehead, so you may now quit imagining me with a lightning bolt scar. LOL. It is smaller than my eye mole and is not really that visible unless you’ll look nearer to my face. If I make my brows well, it will be hardly noticeable.

I got that when I was in fourth grade, I think. I was feeling unwell so my teacher had to call my parents to go to school. I was having chills. My mom fetched me and I remembered her wrapping a jacket around my shoulders. I thought I was down with a nasty fever, but it was worse than that.

It was chicken pox. Of course, I haven’t had that before so I was scared. Who wouldn’t if one sees blisters growing all over his body? In my young mind, I was vain to look too ugly if I was to stay in that condition. Surely no one would approach me. But my mom assured me that it was normal; like any other disease, it would soon pass.

And it did. Slowly, the blisters dried up and during this time I was very tempted to scratch them. It was too itchy. Mom prohibited me to just that so I contented myself by slapping them. However, one was irritatingly itchy so I couldn’t help myself when the skin was already peeling together with the blister. I disobeyed my mother.

I didn’t know the consequence of such action. When I was healed, there came a a mark that would make me always remember that day. And yes, my smart readers, you guessed that correctly. It turned into a scar.

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14 thoughts on “30-day Blogging Challenge: Day 28 (A scar you have and its story)

  1. My son actually has an almost Harry Potterish scar above his eye on his forehead (his older sister dropped him when he was a toddler and he cut it open on our front step – he likes to remind her of this every so often!!) AND he used to wear round spectacles until he was about 15! I do not think you look like a panda, and you are certainly not ordinary or average, you are uniquely wonderfully you. My son also underwent a five and a half hour maxillofacial operation three years ago to correct some pretty serious malformations of both his upper and lower jaw. It was a major transformation involving bone grafts and radically changed his appearance. Though it was a huge improvement in both function and how he looked he found it very traumatic (as did we as his parents) to get used to his ‘new face’. Sometimes I think we stress way too much about what’s on the outside and don’t value enough what’s on the inside of us? – but thank goodness you didn’t scratch all of them! I caught chicken pox when I was in my late twenties…..and even though I was old enough to know better….. I scratched one too!!

    1. Oh dear! I am so sorry to hear that. I think children are programmed to do bodily harm upon themselves, and sometimes to others, too without thinking about the consequence. I remember pushing my younger brother too hard when he teased me that his head hit the wall so hard I thought his skull would break. The horror I brought to my parents when I relied the story.

      Anyway, you are correct. Sometimes we are fussing too much about what’s outside that we fail to remember that what’s inside counts as much, or even better.

      oops. You did, too? So am I right to guess it caused a scar, too?

      1. yep, just a tiny one on my face……I’d told both the children not to scratch theirs so I didn’t set a very good example!! We get a lot of mosquito bites here in November and they are as itchy as chicken pox too!

          1. We live right next to Moreton bay and the mangroves so yes they are pretty bad but it’s only for a few months over summer and the council also has a helicopter that sprays insecticide to get rid of some of the little blighters! They carry Dengue fever and Ross River virus in Queensland 🙁

  2. Hi Monica, I’m enjoying the themes on your blog. You are an inspiration to anyone who reads them. I want to correct something you wrote above; from the few photos of you I’ve seen, you are incredibly beautiful. Do not ever forget this.
    On the scar front, I have one on my chin from being knocked by the corner of a swing when I was very young at my primary school. And I got chicken pox when I was in my 30’s because my son picked it up in the childcare centre. Luckily, I resisted with lots of the calamine lotion to scratch, actually I am sure that I scratched some of them, especially the ones on my scalp.
    All the best wishes.

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