Another item bought online

This is my third outfit post. Whoa!

Few days ago, I shared here that I received nine parcels from my online store purchases. In my recent post, I have introduced two items I got from Udobuy, an Asian-inspired clothing shop which offers fashionable and affordable pieces for everyone. Whenever I go to their site, I always end up adding too many products in my wish list, which will inevitably go to cart later. For sure those two tops I bought will not be the last ones. I pity my crying and cursing closets.

Udobuy top

I got this white blouse on a sale. I thought of hoarding white items both online and real shopping malls so I didn’t think twice when I sealed this order. Just like in the dress in my second outfit post, this was also only available in free size so I was uncertain if it will fit my childish figure. Unfortunately, it was indeed bigger than me.

The shoulder length is bigger than mine so the start of the sleeves sagged in my shoulders. Does my description makes sense? Well, that’s the risk of getting a free-size-only clothing and I understand that. Aside from the difference in measurement, the blouse is what I expected. The actual product is the same with the photo in the store. The sleeves reach my elbows just right and the rivets are securely attached. After it was washed, the color did not change and the material did not shrink so I am happy with my choice!

Here, let me show you my fancy photos wearing this top.



What do you think? Share your thoughts. Bought anything lately?

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Special thanks to Reen at The WandererĀ for making me look presentable in the photos. šŸ™‚

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5 thoughts on “Another item bought online

  1. Late comment, But you’re really pretty and I love the outfit that you made with the shirt :). I’m looking to purchase some stuff from this website, but I’m a little bit nervous that I might get scammed or something. Several blogs I follow say it’s okay, but I’m still a bit afraid. Was the ordering, and shipping process smooth? And would you recommend others to order from it?

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