Help, I need a new closet!

For the months of April and May, I was surprised to realize that I have shopped more than what I did for the entire 2012. Especially since the last week of April, I found myself frequenting shopping malls and department stores to buy clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. Then I discovered my love for online shopping and had placed orders in various online clothing sites, too. In addition to that, I gained some blog sponsors who are willing to send me free items from their shop to review. Soon, parcels after parcels of items were being delivered to my house. And Mom is already complaining.

Since I was younger, Mom always has a say with my shopping behavior. “Why do you keep on buying clothes and shoes if you are not going to wear them? Are you planning to keep them here and create a clothing museum?” The second sentence was a bit exaggerated, but she meant something like that anyway. She always makes a point of letting me know how she dislikes my way of buying things. When I think more about it, I guess what she dislikes is my habit of buying clothes and wearing them at least six months after. Hoarding. That’s probably the reason why she always threatens me with this line: “If you won’t wear this [insert item of clothing] just even once, I will throw or give it to the orphanage!” She actually has a point, but I feel comfortable wearing my old and trusty numbers up to the point that I wear some after every two weeks. Haha!

When I am outside, I have a tendency to be overwhelmed by my surroundings. In a shopping mall, when I see a bag in my favorite color, or a top with pretty laces and girly bows, or a killer pair of shoes, I only need five minutes to be convinced that I have to take the concerned item home. Others call people with this kind of behavior impulsive buyer, but to my defense, at least I have those five minutes to think of pursuing my purchase.

With the increasing amount of clothes I own, Mom pointed out that there is no room for more. In fact, she and our helper are only squeezing everything to have those needed spaces for others. My closets and racks are no longer enough. I need bigger ones!

Few weeks ago, I shared to you my dilemma regarding my books and their old and small home. Now, it seems that my clothes are experiencing the same situation. I then went to the same online furniture shop I featured in my previous post to get some ideas. It was surprising to see that closets can be really expensive! If I will buy now, I have to save real hard. Otherwise, I will have a big cabinet with only few clothes in it.

For some inspiration, I am including here some products I have seen in Fabrooms, the only online furniture shop that I like.

                      gardero                       guru

                          shoe rack1                                      shoe klapper

Those were some of my ideal closets and shoe cabinets. I want them simple, white, or in solid pattern and color. But in my fantasies, I dream my room and its furniture to look like these:




Ah, how beautiful! Someday, I will have something like that, yes? 🙂

Do you have too many clothes that they look like sardines squished in their bottles? Are you due to purchase a new closet, too? Give me your ideal type of closets, too! My Chicnova clothing giveaway just ended so please stay tuned to the announcement of the lucky winner. She’ll have at least one more item added to her wardrobe!

16 thoughts on “Help, I need a new closet!

  1. Those pitured closets
    otograph well, but they don’t actually store things very well. The two clothes closets are all furniture and walls and walking space. The shoe closet doesn’t even have any mirrors or places to sit down close to the shoes. And were does the hosiery stay? If you have shoes you also need good hosiery. Actually all three need more mirrors.—-Just sayin’—–Bear

    1. Thanks for your comment. You are right and yes, they don’t have mirrors. However, I just need additional closets and the current ones I have now are with mirrors. I just need a place with extra space to put my current wardrobe haul. 🙂

      Anyhow, thanks for thinking this through!

  2. Hi! I just finished the renovation for my walk-in closet, I have everything custom made but now I am extremely regretting it because I could have bought ready made furniture/wire closet, because It could have saved me a lot more PESOS and space. Its hard to find IKEA stuff in the Philippines, for me they have the best clothing system ever! (I sort of copied the design and had it custom made).

    I have a link of the clothing system that I had custom made but tweaked a little bit, I think what is important is that, your clothing system should be customizable in the sense that you can change shelf height whenever you want, hooks, etc.

    Furniture Clothing System
    PAX (IKEA)

    or if you do not want the bulky furniture. A wire closet is the BEST OPTION for you, all you have to do is install the thing and that’s about it! It gives you that boutique feel and is EXTREMELY customizable! Here’s a link just to give you an idea:

    Wire Closet System
    ShelfTrack 7 – 10 ft. Adjustable Organizer Kit (Closetmaid)


    Hope I have been of help!


    -Charmaine D.

  3. Just wait until you take over a few countries and then you can use them as closets, this may shock you but I still have tops from when I was 14 and I still wear them around the house.

  4. Ah, yes . . . . . . this is the problem that we collectors of vintage fashion run into big time! Thank goodness, with experience I have learned to cut down on any purchases that are iffy or regretted later. It helps. Love your blouse pick above and you’re so fortunate to have the beautiful red hair. Thanks for your visits and LIKES, too.

  5. I would love to have an organized closet like the ones in the photos. I don’t have as many clothes and shoes as you–I hate to shop–but it would be nice to have what I do have neatly organized.

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