I’m finally back!

After a week-long, unwanted hiatus I am finally returned to blogging. Some of you missed me and my crazy posts and photos while others breathed “Good riddance” in my absence. J Well, no matter what your reaction was, I am back. With a vengeance? Well, maybe. Be prepared to be flooded with my posts in the next days.

Earlier last week I was surprised to see a notice in my WordPress dashboard. It was to inform me that my blog has been suspended for violating the Terms and Conditions of the platform. I was surprised. I wasn’t aware of violating their rules. Funny, I didn’t read them actually. Who does? Anyhow, I immediately filed a report for an appeal and got impatient for their unresponsiveness. I sent them email every day and in that entire week, WordPress treated me with silence. I became so frustrated and annoyed with their service. After reading some forums over the Internet, I learned that it is a common occurrence in free WordPress account. Some even went to say that they waited a month after a representative informed them that their blog cannot be reactivated.

Scared that I might lose all my 200+ posts and maybe 3000+ comments, I decided to have a self-hosted site. Sure, it is a far cry from a free blog, but at least I would have the freedom to do what I want in my site. Not to mention my own domain name! So after seeking coins from all my pockets, I signed up for a year of webhosting service. Since my blogger friends would like to know more about the process I went through, I would dedicate an entire post for that in the near future. Please stay tuned!

To celebrate my success over that blogging hurdle, I would like to invite you to join my international fashion giveaway. One winner will receive a $40 clothing coupon to be used in Indressme, a popular online clothing store which boasts to have the latest trends in their site. Not only do they have stylish and affordable clothes, they also offer free international shipping which is a plus for every customer worldwide.

     doll collar rose red       round neck gauze dress

So what are you waiting for? Giveaway ends on July 2nd so hurry up and participate. Who knows, you might be the one to have additional pieces in your wardrobe. For comments on your name and email address used for registration, write here in this post:

Second outfit post and another giveaway

Click the link below and try your luck!

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30 thoughts on “I’m finally back!

  1. This is great news Monica! Glad you were able to keep all of your content. I have heard of this happening over and over from WP. I look forward to reading how you made the transition. Be well!!

    1. Thanks, John. I’m glad to see you here again. Yes, I think I really need to help others be aware on what’s happening to WordPress as well as their other options in case the same thing happened to them.

  2. Yay!. Welcome back, dear ♡.. When WordPress suspended your account, you still had access to all the posts?. How were you able to transfer them to the self hosted blog?. I will look forward to your post about the move. I want to know all details. Sad as this situation is, I am super excited that you now have your own paid blog!

  3. OMW, I didn’t even know that was happening to people. My blog is pretty much still in its infancy, but maybe I should also get cracking on a self-hosted site – I’ve wanted my own domain name since forever anyways.

  4. Way to go girl, I had same issue last month but I actually didn’t back up and two days after I was back to blogging and I know how those two days feel – I was very angry. but well am glad you are back and better. xo

  5. Welcome back!

    Although I use WP for my blog, I do have a website for travel photos, etc. Not sure what you’re paying, but if it is more than $99 / year, check out Readyhosting.com. More space than you’ll ever need and great reliability.

  6. Hi Monica! 😀 Your new blog is so pretty! Hopefully you won’t run into any trouble with a self-hosted website. And hopefully I didn’t just jinx you 😛 Looking forward to your future post!

  7. glad to hear you’re back to blogging & that everything is okay. I pay for my own domain too…I’ve heard of stories like yours but that’s ridiculous.

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