Pleasures of online shopping

Last Friday night, Dad teased me of asking for toll fees. Apparently, he was the one who first got my notices from PhilPost. Smiling, he showed me eight letters from the post office for customs inspection. I could not contain my happiness. Deep inside, I knew most of what those eight parcels were. For more than a month, my packages finally arrived!

I often go to my city’s post office and know that it opens at 8 AM. So on the start of the week, I arrived there at 7:45 only to find it silent and abandoned. Fifteen minutes before opening and still no staff around. They finally welcomed us few minutes after eight and I was annoyed to know that the Bureau of Customs window #1 was still closed. Thanks to the customs officer assigned who arrived 47 mins late, I was sweaty and irritated on a Monday morning. However, my dissatisfaction with irresponsible public officials diminished when it was my parcels’ turn for customs presentation.

Much to my surprise, I received nine parcels: eight from my online clothing shopping spree and one from my Gpop from the other side of the world. I think his gift will warrant a separate post so I will stop talking about it for now. Still, I want to shout out my thanks for my Gpop, Marc!

For the remaining of my parcels, two were from the same shop. I would love these items to feature here as I am very happy with the actual products I received. I am not going to review the products yet as I would like to torture you guys with my next post of me wearing those clothes. For the meantime, let me introduce you to the shop which gave me these cheap, fabulous finds.

You may find more fashionable clothes here at Udobuy. They offer chic and stylish clothes in affordable price that’s why they had enticed me to get two items from their store. I am sure those two won’t be my last purchase from them.

The shop currently features two promos for their followers: BFF Match and Night-Out Style. For BFF Match, one can get $20 coupon for free after purchasing items worth $60 here.

BFF Match

Just use the code Friends20 to get the freebie. With the amount of clothes ordered, who wouldn’t want to share the love for fashion with their best friend? Discuss the latest style, dream of owning trendy pieces, and buy suggested articles of clothing together with your BFF. The more, the merrier!

Here are some cute, pretty dresses for you and your BFF. I would love to buy one for myself and my BFF, but he’s a guy and would kill me if I’d go to him and say, “Girl, you would look fabulous with this!” Well, guess I’d be buying for my other girl friends then. LOL.

  1  2      3  4 5 11

More girly items can be found here.

The other promo they are offering is for prom and other night activities, and nope, not the one you’re thinking. Show those shapely legs and curvy bod with some outfits I chose below for the Night Out Style.

Night Out Style

I have no doubt you will enjoy the night! Use the code Night10 to get a 10% discount on all items under this category.

6  7 910

8  12

More similar outfits can be found here.

Ah wait, there’s more! Aside from their shopping promos, they are currently hosting a contest for everyone. All you have to do is to make a video for Udobuy and get a chance to win $100 gift and earn 30 bonus points. More info for this competition here.

Whew, this shop really has too many things to offer that’s why I love shopping here. Maybe I’ll purchase one or two for this month? Haha! This bud dress is topping my wishlist.

 Bud Dress

 Stay tuned for my reviews and features of items I purchased in various online shops recently. Please support me guys!

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